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On Disappointment

June 15, 2013

There’s nothing quite as hard to deal with, being a born pleaser, as disappointing the people who have expectations of you. It’s like a knife to the core. The failure is personal and overwhelming.

Disappointment is the greatest rejection. What you are and what you’ve done isn’t good enough, no matter how hard you’ve tried. It’s like a sickness; once it gets a foothold, it infects and destroys everything.

I can’t argue anymore when I disappoint people. “I’m trying…so hard” feels empty to say. I hate crying. Fuck that shit. I avoid letting anyone see me when I do. Yet, when my mentor sat me down to discuss why I am failing at my job, I couldn’t stop. Fuck you, tear ducts. Damn traitors.

Nothing he had to say surprised me. I know I’ve been slipping. Life is just so fucking hard these days. Getting out of bed is overwhelming. How the hell am I supposed to make all these people happy when all I want to do is hide under the covers until everything isn’t piled up and impossible to catch up on.

Disappointment in relationships is even worse. They turn away; don’t want to touch you. When you need touch to survive, it’s like dying. Time to wall off; make sure no one sees how the rejection hurts. Don’t let anyone get close enough that the feels try to come out.

I’m failing. I know I’m failing. Do you always have to remind me? I’m sick and they don’t know why; losing functionality in my body so fast I wouldn’t be surprised if they came back and said I’m dying. I have lists everywhere of all the things I need to do. I can’t get anything done. It’s so hard. I’m so tried.

I’m broken, okay? Stop trying to save me. You’ll just get frustrated and leave like everyone else does. My hero days are over. That girl died and the shadow that’s left is lucky she manages to get her pants on right in the morning.

Disappointment – has great potential; never quite good enough.

Until Next Time,


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    • Please don’t take this as rude, but I’m going to start flipping tables over the number of people who think spiritual crap is going to magically fix my depression.

      This is about brain chemicals. Not woo. Not my soul. If it was something that was so simply fixed by prayer, a ritual or a religion, do people honestly think those of us with mental health issues wouldn’t have tried it already?

      • I am really sorry that I offered unsolicited advice. By no means did I mean it as do this and it will fix all your problems. Though I do believe that it would help relieve your level of personal suffering. Please don’t speak for all people that have mental health issues. You are not the only person who has them. My depression severely decreased because of these methods. Also, I was able to heal from a lot of sexual trauma with the aid of these techniques. Many people who who have depression and have gone through many traumatic things have found great relief with energy healing techniques. Obviously you are not open to this. But you haven’t tried them so you really can’t judge them. I reached out to you because I was sad for you and all of the pain that you are going through- not to offer some magical solution or to undermine your pain and experience of personal suffering. I know what it feels like to have everything fall apart. I saw the same thing in you. That’s why I responded to your post. I did it out of genuine concern and caring. I wish you the best.

      • You assume a lot about what I have and haven’t tried. I’m super glad it worked for you. But woo and faith don’t fix brain chemicals.

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